Balloon Flower (40%), Lance Asiabell (20%),
Oligosaccharide (30%), Black Sugar (10%)
Period of Circulation: Two years from the production date
We grow balloon flowers and lance asiabells and then ferment them
in traditional pots for more than three years.
Since it works well for bronchitis and hypertension, it is good to drink
Doraji/Deodeok Extract when you come down with a cold
or have a sore throat.

Dilute Doraji/Deodeok Extract four or five to one with water,
and drink it several times a day.
You can enjoy more flavor if you take it with other powder products.
Also, Doraji/Deodeok Extract is good for dressing, seasoning or preparing various sauces.
Warm Doraji/Deodeok Extract is also good in the winter.