Glutinous Rice, Brown Rice (10%), Corn (10%), Adlay (10%), Glutinous
Foxtail Millet (5%), Hog Millet, Sesame, Black Sesame, Batatas,
Black Bean, Soybean, Mugwort, Mung Bean, Sweet Potato, Balloon Flower, Lance Asiabell, Carrot, Potato, Kuzu Vine, Aloe, Angelica, Cake, Green Tea, Mulberry Leaf, Lizard Tail, Pine Leaf, Spinach
Period of Circulation: One year from the production date
To produce Breeze Powder, we grow more than 40 ingredients without
pesticide or chemical fertilizers. So you can trust us.
In Breeze Powder, nutrients are not destroyed by heat or processing to give their benefits to you.
If you want to lose weight, you can replace breakfast or dinner with Breeze Powder.

You can have it with water or milk.
Take it once to three times a day. It facilitates recovery from fatigue, blood circulation and weight control.
It can be also added to Jeon (pancake) or Sujebi (Korean Pasta Soup) for taste or flavor.
Pack your face with it for your skin.